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live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m.. california's set to enter its fourth month without a state budget. leaders planned to meet with arnold scored snigger know far sooner than thursday. that is the last day of the first courthouse of the fiscal year. no meetings today or today to try and resolve the state's $19 billion budget deficit. is it that's an indication of the political gridlock. state-funded
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child development programs may be on the chopping block when a consensus is finally reached on the overdue budget. today more than 1000 child-care service workers and families who need and support them all the rally in downtown oakland. they were demanding child care programs remain funded. if cut more than 500,000 children who receive child care services could be affected. some protesters told kron 4 board would be if they lost their jobs your provider. >> these moms of this oakland rallied to keep state funding for conveying go a child-care development program since losing the program could change their lives. >> if i lost my child care service i would be able to go to work so that means if i stop working i will be able to make income to support my kids. it's hard this pursue with my other son to it's hard to find daycare. if the clothes i don't have the were to take them. it is hard trying to find someone
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to watch the before i even thought i was on the waiting list since 2006. now that i have it i don't lose it. >> the regional director said the organization shutting down as a real possibility because they're running out of money fast. >> shutter doors november 15th of the state budget does not pass. we serve all 3000 children every year and a variety of jobs all the programs and our primary source of funding is the state and we have been paid since july 1st. >> turning now to decision 2010 an accusation made today which could affect california's race for governor between jerry brown and equipment. a former housekeeper said she worked for whitman illegally from 2000 to 2009. as keeper nicky who you see here said whitman new shoes in the country illegally and turner a gloria claim within received a letter from the federal government saying the
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social security number did not match the name. whitman said she never received that letter. >> all the documentation we had said she was legal she added 1099 on file, driver's license and a social security card i have to say a few feel terrible for nike. she was a friend of family for nine years. she is in many ways a member of our extended family of a shame she's been manipulated gloria knows exactly what she's doing. a >> would and said she fired a housekeeper in 2009 when she found out the ds was in the country legally. >> night the jerry brown campaign is reacting to those c,gv)+pvzsé÷hz46>r4se8mhppr,jsú
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careful what they did this because they're worried that there could be toxic chemicals of this debris. the making sure when they put it in these bins here and haul away it's covered and protected plastic like to see here. read and see one of the loss where they've been able to remove all of the debris carried you can see everything's been cleared off they've got a vote 3 to 4 in. deep into the soil they also have an air
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quality sampler sitting in the middle of the lot they're making sure what they remove this debris that none of the toxic chemicals are flying up the air. as a the added precaution papaw peers bring water the roadway to make sure no dust is flying out into the air while they do this work. if there's a total of 35 properties here where they're going to try and remove all of the debris only a few restaurants have not signed up with the county for the clean up and they're still talking with them to see if they will. in san bruno kron 4 news. the >> fifth person is now been charged with posing as a victim of the deadly several pipeline explosion in order to get aid. 51 year-old daniel did not guilty to several charges including latin the theft and falsely claiming to you. he's accused of using for renaming claiming and lived in the area of impact by the blast. and then accepting at least $2,000 and give cards. for the people have
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been charged with posing as victims of the blast. >> another posting date today you plenty of sunshine out there is starting to see that fog roll back into the bay through the golden gate bridge. still want today but a little cooler will continue as we head into the weekend with that. low clouds and fog are expected to roll in the picture as well. temperatures in the mid-70s and san francisco operate these low 90s in the north bay and triple digits in the forecast about 100 degrees in fairfield in antioch. the temperature change compared to 24 hours ago but 12 degree drop in san francisco, redwood city and santa rosa and amount you about 13 degrees cooler than where we were yesterday. the cooling trend as a mention will continue might get breezy and that's cooler temperatures continued to the weekend. >> that's look excited traffic
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with the back of the bay bridge toll plaza.
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san francisco international airport held its annual runway cleanup day that's when people walked the runway collecting foreign objects that could damage a jet engine. the damage translate into extensive repairs
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flight delays and cancellations in the use of additional manpower. dave was out on the runway along with 200 volunteers who came to help clean up. >> the big flashing text indicates the runways are close to airplanes while volunteers are literally combing the area for any kind of debris the confines. as a foe spokesperson said even the smallest of objects could cause damage to a big jet engine. >> a big jet engine and even a small knot or boulter piece of paper can cover the blade and cause a catastrophic failure to the engine. when it's ready to take off their giant vacuum cleaners to set up everything inside the debris is really hazardous to the operation of the aircraft. >> 11 years they've had people clean up the strangest and biggest object they found was a bowling ball. the volunteers are mostly airline and airport employees to look for to this day when the can get out from a desk job didn't walk across a runway they see from afar everyday.
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>> it's a nice day good to be helped in the sun instead of on the computer. >> wednesday the queen of crew found a lot of small creatures that end up dying on runways one into. >> a bunch of dead things which isn't interesting but it's ok. >> as the morning wore on a few volunteers started into a game who could pick up the most dead critters. >> were tied at 5 he's got five i've got five that mines are fresher than his that gives me an advantage. (laughter) >> sfo dave kron 4 news. >> state budget crisis could affect california's beaches. a new report by the repeal the bay says water quality and 92 percent of california beaches is excellent. the report included more than four injured 50 beaches third grade based on bacterial pollution levels from memorial day through labor day. however the state budget crisis could cut state funding for
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water testing and requires as much as $1.5 million every year. a $492,000 in federal stimulus money was allocated for testing during this year. next year's budget is still undecided. >> a bit cooler today but we still set a record for the afternoon i. the fog starting to roll back into the picture and it will play a bigger role under the forecast of the coming days. here's a look at today's high santa rosa 99 degrees still close to the mark san were fell 91, 73 san francisco conquered about 101 and livermore thats sad record at 102. in san jose at about 95 degrees. here's some much cooler temperatures are at this for an hour than they were 24 hours ago. if 12 degrees cooler in san francisco, redwood city about the same in san rows up. a 13 degree drop in mt. view but you can see everywhere much cooler today. here's a look
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by tomorrow get up and to the '60s and '70s by the 10:00 a.m. our a worker way up to the '80s by . it doesn't look like will get much warmer than that even up until the afternoon. you can see fog rolling back in the picture is well. morning you can see by 6:00 starting to see the fog settled into the east bay in places like santa rosa, petaluma about it should receive back to the clothesline quickly tomorrow. were not talking about anything to widespread. afternoon highs expected the same upper 60s and san francisco so much cooler. a 76 in san rafael could get up in the '80s in santa rosa and down in the south bay mount view in san jose. if the longer spots livermore topping out at 89 degrees trip to your 7 day around the bay. >> it now looks like a tropical storm nicole could miss for a doctorate at the top winds are clocked at nearly 40 mi. an hour and it's not expected to get much stronger as it moves over the ocean east of florida
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on a pass for the bahamas. >> the democrats pulled off a major victory washington d.c. today. the past 911 health bill it's designed to help workers who were sick and during the rescue and cleanup of the world trade center site. if the bill passed 268 to 160. it failed to pass back in july. the bill would provide free health care if the compensation to those who became ill after working in ruins of the trade center. >> four here today to say that we do remember you this week. we remember what she did at the time it was your sacrifice for your family of your health and the impact that that has on your family. >> other health bill is pending approval in the senate. >> in world is too powerful earthquakes hit the waters off
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eastern indonesia less than a minute apart to the quake measured 7.2 and 6.6. the quake prompted officials to brief the issue is tsunami warning but it is now lifted. if there no reports of injury or damage there. a day of protests and strikes under way in europe in stay in the first general strike in eight years is already disrupting transportation. workers there are angry about wage cuts, the civil service and pension freezes and employment laws. the government said the measures are needed to steer the country out of its economic crisis. one of the largest demonstrations was held in brussels today more than 100,000 people turned out to protest. the day of action was being organized by the european trade union confederation that includes trade unions from 36 european countries. a live look at cited traffic at the golden gate bridge now the san mateo
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bridge the headlights' are east bound the traffic is moving slow in both directions over san mateo bridge at this hour. we'll be right back much more ahead.
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switch now and get a 30-day money-back guarantee -- plus dvr is included. hey, do you want to experience a better bundle -- at&t, right? you got it. [ female announcer ] build a bundle that's right for you. at&t. san francisco giants and the upper deck ticket which would have cost just $5 at the start of the season could end up costing you a lot more now. what a producer kimberly shows us how the prices have changed over the past few months. >> and and its pricing scale means the prices have fluctuated over the course of the season and it's all because of a variety of different reasons based on whether who's pitching and like this weekend the playoff chances. let's take a look at what is found on the giants website. these are ticket prices for all the padre games and right here very important in march would've paid $5 for our reserves seed in now on
5:56 pm
saturday that ticket prices $28 over quadruple the time price of the ticket. it happens all of their pay scales for the seats. for this weekend if you want to go to the game there's still tickets out there and great list but like to conceal the panel whole lot extra for those stickups. >> the giants may be the hot ticket in san francisco right now but overall attendance is down for the third straight year in major league baseball. officials attribute the overall decline to the effects of the recession. many fans were in a tight budget may be deciding to watch the game at home on tv from the comfort of their homes rather than splurge on tickets which averaged nearly $27. >> 7 cisco officials have pledged to raise $7 million from sponsors in a bid to make san francisco the host of america's cup sailing race and 2013 carried off to spend about $150 million upgrading these peers here we discussed these renderings of what appears 30 to
5:57 pm
32 look like. this is an aerial view of were the public is going to gather and this is a side view. this is a light weight cam a p underneath this and at the theater. here's the tighter shall wait and see where people gather receipts of the will to watch the race than a jumbo tron screen and will also be concessions in this area as well. the pier is located just south of the bay bridge. >> little cooler today even cooler tomorrow mostly sunny into the afternoon and as we head into the into the week it will pick up a bit of a breeze all around the low cloud cover and fog start to return to the bay. all have all the details and a full forecast coming up in a few minutes on the kron 4 evening news after this. @2
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>> cap the j. crew banana republic and white house black market are all looking to hire mostly full-time and part-time positions. hawking the mall where the storm was looking for help the special and nights and weekends. keen to the children's batiks that had no openings next door to their essentials and mineral make up shop was tiring
6:02 pm
and on to true religion which is fully staffed but accepting applications for new stores. >> we will interview them especially store manager and assistant manager positions which is open two stores here in california. >> pictures of san the will be setting up here soon at the village looking for people who are good with kids and photography equipment to work from november through christmas eve. even if there's no help wanted sign in the window like this children's children's clothing boutique never to ask the store is looking for help that has to opening for a part- time sales people. reporting in court and in zero key towns in kron 4 news. >> state unemployment rate is 12.4% that's up from last year when the state was at 12% which is much higher than the national unemployment rate. right now the national unemployment rate 9.6% that's down from last year when the national unemployment rate was 9.7%.
6:03 pm
>> if you don't want to hit the pavement to find a job kimberly shows us where to look on line. >> been scouring the web looking for jobs and happy to report their a lot out there but unfortunately it takes a lot of time to keep looking for all these different website spirited fortunate for you i did a little leg work and i found an interesting website that could help you out. it's called snag a job do have to fill outn on-line job profile with your information and it's free. i found a lot of jobs in all counties of the bay area all over the bay at borders, toys arrests a lot of entry-level jobs that could make it easy for you to acquire this job. i did put the link on the website head over to look for what's on the web section and look to the lincoln perhaps you can find a job. >> mail and was attacked and bitten by a pair of dogs is morning in san jose. as rob
6:04 pm
reports the dogs brogues roof vents and one after the carrier as he was making his rounds. >> animal control said there was a least one previous complain about the dogs living here at this home on camden avenue shortly after 11:00 a.m. this mixed breed people and this german shepherd later seized by animal control, attack and bit better and letter carrier of san jose. >> heard a lot of screaming and yelling in dog barking and. we ran out front to see what happened to the mailman deliver mail and is holding his arm and bleeding profusely. is closed or rectum and he was screaming got bit me, a dog bit me. he is terrified the dogs run again and again. >> and no controls of the dogs of been kept in the backyard in the actually broke through the wooden fence there. they broke a wooden slats and got out and attack the carrier as he is passing by.
6:05 pm
>> through a screen door the honor defended his dog saying he was unsure exactly what happened. >> their friendly dogs, 11 years, dropped to date they have the shots. >> dogs were skittish but did not appear aggressive as they were taken away. >> the be taken into animal services and be placed on quarantined hold until further investigation to determine what's what happened to the dogs. there least three beware of dog signs on the house but none of the neighbors we spoke with were aware of any previous trouble with the animals. the letter carrier was treated at o'connor hospital and released wednesday afternoon in good condition. >> this just in to the kron 4 news room we just got dramatic surveillance pictures of two armed robberies at an atm on east capitol expressway in san jose. from the left-hand side of your screen the suspect is
6:06 pm
traffic just a black shirt and on the race to the robbery as it happened. the suspect approached a woman at from behind to place a knife and put his arm around her neck put the knife to enact and demanded money to amani and ran. look at the second incident appeared on the left- hand side again you see the suspect in the ready and sid seen approaching another victim get a woman from behind and this time he knock the suspect to the ground. take a look at that left-hand side of your screen again he has one of the victims of looks like by the neck and i think he has a knife in his hand there. police said the looking for a black man between by foot 7 and 6 ft. tall with a thin gold he may have a mustache and dreadlocks. >> after starting to ease up around the bay and fact or dent in the low 80's in santa rosa that even places was sought triple digits in antioch, livermore and now down into the
6:07 pm
'90s temperatures were cooler today although we set some records. will of all the details of that coming up in just a few minutes. [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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judge ruled out ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional will be stepping down at the end of the air by february of 2011 the chief judge walker will lead the quarter overall. he's held his current position since september of 2004. according to law united states district chief judges may serve in the post for a maximum of seven years. walker said he plans to present to return to the private sector once he leaves the bench. our web producer kimberly sakamoto tells us about your comments. >> allot of people talking with the judge's decision to step down. we a people who support the judge and support his controversial decision appeared to some people say he can't quit we need more judges with the
6:11 pm
clear had insisted his ground. other people think in these away out won't comment are said with a puck oucalled out. one persone disagreed with this ruling he vicinity of any ways. too bad he didn't quite a few months ago. at over to we of all the details on john schwartz on walker decision step down. >> six children suffered broken bones after plan on playgrounds recently installed novato elementary school. marin kelley tells us about the action being taken after kron 4 started investigating the problem it's a story only see on kron 4. >> here you can see one of the new playgrounds that just one in a few weeks ago here at hamilton elementary. just this afternoon the district said they're going to close them all back down. that's after kron 4 started asking questions about four serious accidents that happen here at the school and two others here of lynnwood elementary. leaving kids of
6:12 pm
broken bones. the prison wall at lynwood said after the accidents the precaution to bob braun this questionable apparatus here and on monday decided to keep this place structure off-limits to the first, second and third graders. he told me they want to evaluate the rubberized flooring is adequate. if the smoky bars are too high. i measured them to be seven and a half feet tall five of the evening playground's going in have been built at a cost over a million have dollars. expenses will go up to keep kids out tomorrow and stay up until the district meet with the designer to see if any modifications need to be made. it's a known of the changes will make the price tag for these playgrounds and were expensive. marin kelly kron 4 news. >> here's a look at sad how much cooler is right now than 24 hours ago. 15 degree drop in temperature in san francisco, 16 and cooler in santa rosa but everywhere seeing a big cool down a lot of the details on how
6:13 pm
the cooling trend is expected to continue coming up after this break. [ male announcer ] sacramento and silicon valley are only one hundred thirty miles apart. they may as well be on different planets. sacramento, mismanaged, ineffective. silicon valley gave us apple, intel, ebay.
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decision 2010 and a new potentially damaging allegations against republican meg whitman. an undocumented worker who was would winds housekeeper for nine years is now claiming she was mistreated, exploited, not paid for extra hours she worked and then fired once whitman decided to run for governor. kron 4 is here now with the potentially explosive allegations. >> is came during a news conference its whitman's the former press said meg whitman was a hypocrite because they believed she knew that mickey was undocumented from the get go but only became concerned when she decided to run for governor. >> throw her in and play with miss whitman nicky was undocumented and she alleges ms. whitman was aware for status and they understood that nicky was vulnerable as a result of that.
6:17 pm
in april 2009 ms. whitman told nikki that she had officially announced her campaign for governor. it was at this point to that nike decided she would speak to miss whitman for help to legalize her status. when a key ask for help, she was terminated. >> meg please can you want me, she was very upset and said no, and you don't know me and i have never seen you and you have never seen me she yelled. i realize that that point she didn't appreciate my work and so she threw me away like a piece of garbage. >> nikky alleges meg whitman knew she was undocumented does she have proof?
6:18 pm
>> she said the social security administration beginning in 2003 began sending letters to women sang the number that the housekeeper had provided did not match the name of course the mismatch as a clue that there's a problem there. nothing was done. >> she doesn't have the paperwork today? >> she does not have the paperwork today she kept saying she has some but she's not going to produce some but or finding out she might produce some tomorrow. >> what about other allegations that she worked for an hour she wasn't paid for? >> she said she was hired as a housekeeper and then eventually added nanny duty is to that taking the kids here and there doing shopping and so forth. whitman would only pay her for 15 hours a week she couldn't get the work done as 15 hours a week. whitman was willing to pay her for more but she told her she needed to work more and as a result they're going to be filing a claim with the state saying accommodate meg whitman knows me this money. >> right is a big supporter of
6:19 pm
the democratic party some say this is politically motivated was our response to that? >> nick he said the reason she's doing this is because she feels exploited and she feels as other people out there being exploited by their employers and that's why she's doing this. >> she worked for whitman for nine years. she said meg whitman said the news of release of the seven nations that means people are people paying politics of the person's life. she said she's done nothing legally with her former housekeeper as greg tells us. >> speaking at an event at cisco systems and send us a white woman says when they hired mickey all evidence pointed to her being a legal resident. how >> all the documentation we had said she was legal she added 1099 on file with the employment agency, driver's license, social security card with no reason to believe she was not legal. no one could of been more stunned that i was when she came to us on that saturday in june and said she says are not here legally. >> the person she cares about is been heard in the name of
6:20 pm
political games. >> nicky was one of our family for nine years as in many ways a member of our extended family and i feel badly for her. she's being manipulated i think and i'm sorry about that. gloria allred knows what she's doing and i feel terrible for nike. i know nikky really well and she's listening right now i am so sorry i beg your feeling really badly and it's a shame. it's really, really a shame. >> in san jose craig kron 4 news. the campaign for jerry brown is responding to the allegations made by whitman's former housekeeper a statement released which condemns whitman for what happened. they say " once again, meg whitman as shown she thinks the rules do not apply to her appeared after more than a year of whitman demanding immigration policy accountable we learn that accountability does not extend to our own actions. our coverage continues
6:21 pm
online we opposed to the entire news conference from glory all rights and it wouldn't former housekeeper and we have meg whitman since our reaction to the allegation is all on our web site just log on to for dock,. it's been almost one week since the crew started clearing up the debris from the fire is home in san bruno. as christine conley shows us, the crews are stripping the property down to the dirt leaving residents a site that's ready for rebuilding. >> a bulldozer of clearing out what's left of this home while crews are working their wear respirators just in case if this toxic chemicals in the debris. the running down the debris to make sure no dust flies up into the air. here's a look around one cleared out property he could see this line shows they'd done in the asbestos survey and the removal is complete. you see there's nothing left on this property and a property south far have been cleared out and as i walked next door you can see what a big project this is for
6:22 pm
cruz. 35 homes were destroyed like this one here leaving only chimneys and walls behind. crews are taking 500 t of debris away from the fires of everyday and they are saving personal belongings were they can when they find them. they're removing burned out cars like you see here. here's what the health department had to say about the progress of the clean up. >> another three to four weeks is looking at and when this is completely done it will be in the neighborhood. when were done with our portion it will basically be flat lots so that folks can come in and their architects and in designing plans for the homes. pam >> another hot day across the bay we did break a record today that as many as we have over the past couple of days in fact we saw a slight cool down today. you can see the fog is starting to roll its way back into the picture. here's a look at your
6:23 pm
afternoon high. our temperature dropped you can see 15 degrees cooler right well that it was 24 hours ago about the same to redwood city and a 16 degree drop in santa rosa and 10 degrees cooler around you with this canallecurrent our trade o0 expected by 10:00 noon to warm up to the '80s but not get much warmer than that. maybe squeezing out a 90 degree reading but the most part will stay into the '80s. expect a 69 degree temperature in san francisco tomorrow much cooler than usual. 76 degrees in san rafael and low 80's in santa rosa and low 80's in the south bay. some of the warmer locations that of been so used to triple digits livermore which set a record today coming in at 102. this will be down into the upper 80s also in antioch and puree your 7 day around the bay
6:24 pm
continues to bring is cooler weather as we head towards the weekend much cooler in fact. we get in the low 80's and in the spots low seventies and the bay and the '60s by the coast. it will be right back with the kron 4 more news after this break. if state budget cuts are crippling my classroom, so i can't believe the sacramento politicians cut a backroom deal that will give our state's wealthiest corporations a new billion dollar tax give-away, a new handout that can only mean larger class sizes and even more teacher layoffs. but passing prop 24 can change all that. prop 24 repeals the unfair corporate give-away
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and puts our priorities first. vote yes on prop 24, because it's time to give our schools a break, not the big corporations.
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call 888-4-mercury or visit to get a fast free quote and start saving today. national news a woman in vancouver washington who admitted to lying to having acid thrown in her face was in court today facing charges. 28 year- old bethany see her in the blue pleaded not guilty to the charges. she's accused of collecting cash in donations after making up a story that somebody threw acid on her face. she later admitted she attacked yourself with train clean air in an attempted suicide. this 911 responder the house approved a bill to give nearly seven and a half billion dollars to people who became sick after working in the world trade center rubble. it the vote came after a heated
6:28 pm
debate democratic supporters said they were standing up for the 911 heroes. some republicans argued the bill would increase taxes and kill jobs. the measure would provide 33 health care to workers. we'll be right back [ male announcer ] as the ceo of hp, carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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is a nice big stories in one big block of news. more cruz, more stories right now our top story. here in san jose letter carrier was seriously injured after being attacked and bitten by to docks. it happened at this house on camden avenue wednesday when a pit bull and german shepherd escape from the backyard of one after the postal worker as he made his rounds. the dogs are now in the hands of the animal control. it's a letter carrier was treated and released from o'connor hospital. in san jose kron 4 news. >> and another big story please run the look out for this man his 25 year-old and is accused of beatindamir shalako. here ate
6:31 pm
patrol hill housing development. detectives say damir shalako is on parole and release from prison just last saturday. police say that he is dangerous and if anyone sees him they should not approach him but call 911. in 7 cisco kron 4 news. >> in san bruno inside the fires on the cleanup continues as i stepped out of the way you see bulldozers removing the debris of one of the 35 homes destroyed in the fire appeared so far they've been able to clear out 8 lots that have been completely cleared. it the weather has been cooperating with crews and they say the cleanup could take up to another three weeks. in san bruno christine conley kron 4 news. >> in los angeles an undocumented worker who said she was meg whitman as housekeeper for nine years, said she was mistreated, exploited and not
6:32 pm
paid for the extra hour she worked. niki also says that meg whitman knew she was an undocumented worker but didn't care about it until she decided to run for governor. at that point nicky was fired. dan from kron 4 news. >> in san jose's deaconesses, employees meg whitman spoke on the controversy surrounding her former housekeeper. whitman said when she hired the key everything seemed right. on >> of the documentation we had such as legal she had a 1099 on file with the employment agency, driver's license, social security card with no reason to believe she is not legal. >> as for the favor housekeeper whitman said chile but in the hands of the federal government. in san jose kron 4 news. >> in novato new playgrounds like this one recently installed in public elementary schools were shut down wednesday afternoon after kron 4 started asking questions about the high number of kids getting heard. six children of broken bones after playing on the playgrounds. in just five weeks
6:33 pm
of school district officials said they are concerned and fences will go up thursday and stayed up until they meet with the designer next week to see of any modifications need to be made. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in oakland over thousand job care service advocates had a rally in the city hall to demand the governor and state legislator pass a budget that includes funding for child service providers. the organization up on the rally said they haven't functioning without a budget since july 1st and they can go much further in november 15th. if they don't receive funding from the state over 2500 children and their families will not receive child care services. in oakland kron 4 news. >> many retailers are looking to hire for the holidays season. on friday pottery barn will begin hiring temporary workers at the village of quarter madera. many retailers like best buy, was
6:34 pm
arrested and the republicans are looking to hire workers. if they announced it would be hiring more than 60,000 people for this holiday season. reporting in quarter madera kate thompson kron 4 news. >> the alameda are hustled bank is in record numbers of requests for emergency food and these numbers are likely to increase over the upcoming college month. in july the food bank at over 33 and request for emergency food and that is double the what it was three years ago. but the food they need to distribute money comes from donations which have been hard to come by in this economy. >> at sfo in here and runaway want one laughed. once here to close down employees volunteered to pick up any four objects. even the smallest objects like nuts or bolts can get sucked into jet engines and cause damage or to engine failure that in turn leads to flight delays and cancellations expensive repairs and scheduled
6:35 pm
it disruptions. around two of the volunteers mostly airline and airport employees take part in the new clean up. at sfo kron 4 news. >> temperatures much cooler right now than they were 24 hours ago in fact about a 15 degree cool down in san francisco 15 for redwood city indebted to mount you about 10 degrees cooler than we were this time yesterday. here's a look in your 7 day around the bay which continues to highlight the cooling trend as we head into the weekend it's much cooler weather expected to giving a triple digits and staying out of the '90s. >> in world news day 56 for the miners trapped in chile but they are getting rain is on the rescue team. messrs. sandler half way to reaching them and making twice the progress they expected. >> (cheering) this is the delighted reaction from families with an told rescuers are at the halfway mark.
6:36 pm
>> of the left to get to our people we have fought so much. thanks to god and everyone. >> these relatives of not seen a drop man and almost two months. this is the little city that has sprung up near the mine was more than a anticipation these days families have been told the so- called plan be drill it is halfway to the minors. it is a boring progressively bigger holes until it and pulled and then back to the circus. please a capsule designed by the chilean navy. families of for the news that preparations are officially under way to receive the minors aboveground. >> if we're preparing for 15 days to do the rest could anytime. it doesn't mean this will happen in 15 days but all the installations the hospital, the medical team, the meeting point wired will be prepared for the 15 days from now so the rescue can be done at anytime. >> there are actually rumors around the camp that the miners
6:37 pm
could be out in october but the official prediction it could happen in early november. will be right back after this break. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown.
6:38 pm
failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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here stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> that's not ok that's upside down. it's upside-down. terrible. it's upside-down. what is that mean? someone or some group is in distress. >> these people are looking up top and the building located 939 l street in san francisco this is the home of the bay area air quality management district for the bay area. it is the state and local agency that issues bear the air days for the entire severance go bay. it seems to bay area had a slight problem. someone hung the u.s. flag upside down. maybe there's
6:41 pm
something going on should check and won a u.s. flag is displayed then decide down that's the international symbol for dire distress. this man works for a cue and deed. it's upside-down. >> what does that mean? >> apparently no one noticed the u.s. flag flying upside-down on the bay area at a cue md until kron 4 pointed out. moments later it true was word the upside down of the flag was operated in the low property. in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> just a story idea for stanley you can e-mail us at >> meg whitman is denying claims that she knew her longtime housekeeper was an undocumented immigrant. read all
6:42 pm
about today's press conference for the housekeeper and her lawyer. a leader, and to let us know what you think of the situation and if you believe this will affect the upcoming election on a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats
6:43 pm
but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. ring ring progresso. hi, may i speak to my oggy please? thank you. i'm sorry, who? my grandma. this is obviously her chicken noodle soup. only hers tastes like this. just put my oggy on the phone. thanks so much. hold one moment please. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs.
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another warm day across the they your starting to see the sun set the camera shaking around a bit of a breeze out there in the fog is rushing and again. today's high is pretty warm out there however you can tell not quite as warm as what we have been saying. 99 in santa rosa up here in december fell 91 degrees,: 7
6:46 pm
cisco at 73, concord 101 and was livermore that set a record coming in at 1 02. and mid-90s in san jose. right now temperatures are sitting at the '70s through san francisco still in the '90s in san ralph but was called off quite a bit in santa rosa down in the low 80's. 91 degrees still warm in places like fremont lost gatos at 92 for livermore in antioch still flirting with triple digits. tomorrow the 10:00 hour will bring mixtures of '60s and '70s and by noon that indicates it will be eased and fill in by the afternoon. will top vote tomorrow and to the '80s. here's a look at some numbers for you will get up to 81 percent rose at a big difference from where we were today. a considerable cool the unexpected temperatures in the '70s and simmer file mill valley and along the peninsula. 69 and san francisco
6:47 pm
and feel chilly consider what we've been used to. temperatures in the east they tell me-75, 77 san leandro and in union city fremont upper '70's low 80's. some warmer spots tomorrow livermore looks like it's going to get into the upper 80s and that's about it. in the south bay temperatures getting in the '80s as well. here's your 7 day around the bay it keeps cooling off tomorrow will be a bit cooler the day after that cooler still in by the weekend will be in the low 80's for the inland locations and those '70's around the bay and the '60s for for the coast. san >> to school officials health help to raise money for sponsors in a bid to make san francisco the host of the sailing race and 2013 carried the city will spend a hundred and $50 million upgrading these tears here. if we get these artists' renderings of what appears 30 to 32 will look like you can see it's an aerial view of for the public is going to gather. this is a side view uses
6:48 pm
light weight canopy in the shape of the sale. underneath is an amphitheater. here's a tight shot we can see where people are going to gather receipts here there gunna be but a watch the race on the jumbo tron screen. the be concessions in this area as well. the peers are located south of the bay bridge. >> hot snacks quarterback alex smith as saying about his new offensive coordinator. that's about the forty-niners. also the giants are so close to clinching a playoff think almost taste it. jason has reaction for the team and all the sports he's up next. ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees?
6:49 pm
that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25. was that one-way? or roundtrip? roundtrip. $50? did you have a second bag? yes. mm! it was $35. that's $120 roundtrip. [ gasps ] oh! ah! ♪ [ ding ]
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♪ which would be great... if i was seven. i'm forty-six. and the tooth fairy doesn't come when you're forty-six. just lots of referrals and appointments and bills that cost tons. maybe i'll keep it... it adds character... right? [ male announcer ] losing a tooth is a big deal at any age. that's why we offer dental coverage. blue shield. welcome back everyone the giants on the verge of there's national league west pennant in seven years and fact is ball breaks right the celebration could come as early as tomorrow night. tim on the mound tonight and it will be taking on as you well know
6:52 pm
the arizona diamondbacks last night when left in two games up on the padre's with just five games last perhaps the biggest hit of his career webers working for you as long as you're picking up saves the beard ok. the final of the cubs padres in the strike out for wilson he picks up his 46 saves. the giants magic number is now four. >> it's a lot of fun right now lot more intense in the thick of it looks for getting to the field every day. or looking for to the post season or not guaranteed everything but everyone's looking forward to what will be like in the think this week will be little bit of the taste. >> from the shouldn't get too far ahead of yourself a looks like the giants will make the playoffs. some of the padre's catch the giants the wild card is still in play only half games separating the giants from the braves. the brazen action today looking to sweep the marlins.
6:53 pm
bottom third one nothing at lana and brooks conrad of 431 to put home run as he breaks the game wide open for nothing at that juncture the braves went 5-1 and 8 go closer to the clench since 05. half-game should come to that. as a plane of the string in any hopes of finishing above 500 for the season. it finished today in anaheim of the story here though carried a repeat a's pitcher bobby cramer making the start is that was on hand to watch and pitched for the first time. kramer gets help from his defense here cavan with the stop and a nice role. look of the stretch though by derek barton. to get his man and a six and two-thirds of the one rob run allowed purity and the game with this single to center off brad see clear. they went 2-1 and move ahead a's in the second place and a's are now four games below 500 with four games left
6:54 pm
the best they can do is finish at 500. forty-niners a touchdown underdog to lana it really is a must win game you hear all the time and but then so to make the playoffs, they have to win the game. only the 1992 san diego chargers started olson and four and made the playoffs. of course mike singletary is on the hot seat in some ways is date will rest in the hands of this man the new offense of court and mike johnson. he got the job after his boss jimmy raye was fired on monday. he's alex smith 6 offensive coordinator in six years. >> of the disk to be overhauled changes but definite differences on how we do things. i think the foundation is there but building a top box and doing different things. its overall personality >> more chances to get open so
6:55 pm
>> oppose nellie perez under way in oakland that funniness its smarts term he's been on nelson's assistant of the last several years he's now running the show. no surprise a lot point guard for the two seasons after the team exercises said the rookie terry of be there next year nobody knows for sure how smart the team will differ from but with all start big man david lee on the roster they hope to compete a little bit more on the board of a better dietrich >> sorry practices were we in pigeon shooting a basketball just focusing on defense. what we have to do is we have to sustain it the entire year and make sure we do those things for the whole season. >> if you a preview of what the warriors have going on, they're having an open practice that's a week from today on wednesday by 3:00 p.m. at oracle that's free
6:56 pm
of charge, free parking is free again and so you could take a look at keep smart's team carried one more story the ryder cup under way on friday tiger woods in company in newport whales as they prepare for the ryder cup. a lot of controversy surrounding the selection of woods earlier. he did make the team as a clear no. 11 or 12th. he is going to try and leave the u.s. say to win over the international squad. >> all right. the stock more giants. the plant tonight, tomorrow and friday. >> they play through sunday they could clinch tomorrow if they win today and tomorrow and then the padre's lose today and the padres have a game that starts at 330 pacific. if the projects were to lose both games the giants win in the clinch tomorrow. or likely to clinch on friday or saturday or sunday >> (laughter) alright jason will keep a close eye on that jury will be here tonight with the highlights of the game that's going on starting at 7:15 p.m.
6:57 pm
alright everybody have a good night will see tonight is a less than join us then.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
investigation with the alaskan authorities? i'm lara spencer. is on.of unde bristol palin in a bar get her in trouble? the new investigation. >> she is being watched everywhere she goes. myself out there more. onfessions you didn't see last night.le of mis to dance. >> jennifer grey's backstory. her "dirty dancing" screen test with patrick and her lost scene with new york. is this helping him fight the effects of stage four cancer.

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